Submit a Referral


Doctors on Call will evaluate all referred patients for their primary care needs and they will be medically managed according to their individual diagnoses.

Please note that Doctors on Call’s scope of practice does not include repeatedly prescribing narcotic or psychiatric medications without consultation from a Pain Management Specialist or Psychiatrist.

Referrals can be made by any individual including a patient, a caregiver, a case manager, a social worker, a managed care company, and a Primary Care Physician.

Making a referral is easy

  1. Please click to complete and submit a referral form:
  2. Always remember to include a medication list, advanced directives and/or discharge summary.
  3. The same day you will receive a receipt and approval of submission, date of the scheduled visit, and the name of the provider.
  4. Referrer and PCP will receive progress notes, within days of the visit.