We proudly accept most insurance and managed care plans, as well as Medicare. If you have medical insurance, please provide that information to our staff when you call to schedule a visit.

Following is a list of insurance plans we accept:

  • Alpha Care
  • ArchCare
  • Emblem Health
    • All plans except for Healthcare Partners
  • Guildnet Gold
  • Guildnet Gold Plus FIDA
  • Healthfirst
    • All Plans including MLTC. Please see below:
      • Healthfirst Dual
      • Healthfirst Medicare
      • Healthfirst Medicaid
      • Senior Health Partners (MLTC)
  • Humana
  • Medicare Part B
  • Metroplus
  • Montefiore CMO IPA (MIPA)
  • Concierge/Self-Pay
    • Please see Self-Pay Rates Fee Schedule for more details
  • Senior Whole Health
    • All plans except for MLTC
  • Village Care Max
    • All plans except for MLTC
  • VNS Choice Medicare
    • ID will begin with V7
  • VNS Choice FIDA
    1. ID will begin with V6. Prior Authorization required for visits

Coming Soon – Primary Insurances

  • Center Plan for Healthy Living **Note that this Pending

*All secondary/supplemental insurance accepted

We also accept full paying patients. If you are uninsured, you can find out more information about your insurance options by clicking here.

Please Note:

** All secondary/supplemental insurance accepted
** We do not accept MLTC insurance as the primary insurance (unless noted above)

If you have any questions please call 718-238-2100.